Listings & Publications



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  • The Convergence Development of the Law against Restraints of Competition and the Law against Unfair Competition Dissertation, Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) 1983, Antonios N. Fifis PDF
  • Greek Family Law – a summary of procedural law regulations in Family Law cases, Lecture on the occasion of the Autumn Conference of the (German) working Group of Family Lawyers in Bamberg 2009, Antonios N. Fifis PDF
  • Immobilien in Europa, Griechenland (p. 57-67), Ausländischer Anwaltverein Deutschland e.V. (2009), Anastasios N. Savidis
  • Regulierung von Auslandsfällen, Association of Foreign Lawyers in Germany, Greece (p. 314-361), Nomos Anwalt (Publications) 2013, Anastasios N. Savidis - PDF
  • The Prescription (usucaption) in Greek Law, Hermes, German Greek Magazin II/2014 (p. 24-27), Anastasios N. Savidis